Disaster Recovery

We are there for our clients whenever disaster strikes.

Golden Sands’ Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity division provides strategies, solutions, and comprehensive resources to enable our clients to prepare for and respond to any disaster, mitigate damages, and return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they are in the hands of a company that is proven, professional, and reliable.

Understanding our clients’ needs and infrastructure positions everyone for success. Golden Sands looks to actively participate in all pre-event planning.

Assessment. Mitigation. Rebuild.
After a disaster strikes, site assessments are performed by dedicated and trained Facility Services Technicians. Our cloud-based technology allows for visual documentation, reporting, and ease of communication to the client. Golden Sands can also provide the necessary resources and project teams to rebuild a site.

Protect your assets in one of our disaster resistant domes.
We help prepare our clients for the worst natural or man-made disasters with our disaster-resistant domes. These structures are uniquely durable and built to a standard that makes them virtually unaffected by time and weather.

We can provide you with resources, even when none are available.
We can provide you with resources, even when none are available. Golden Sands maintains fully stocked warehouses for our clients. In the event of a disaster, we can deploy supplies to our clients such as fuel, generators, sandbags, plywood, hurricane clips, and water.

Click here to download our Disaster Recovery Capabilities document.