Our History

When vision collides with opportunity.

While working in the Cayman Islands and during the early development phase of a condo project, Peter Fedele was challenged to finance the final stage of his ambitious business. Another businessman came along and made an offer to purchase the mountains of sand that were being removed from the development site. This unanticipated yet welcomed sale provided the cash infusion the Fedele venture needed and set the course for its ultimate success. That sand was indeed golden. Thus, the name Golden Sands came to be.

Peter, his family, and business partner Mary Maguire made their way to Miami and launched the general contracting company. Unique to the story is the background in real estate development. They were initially searching to find a GC who shared the belief that top quality, great service and long-term client relationships built on trust breed success. They decided to handle the GC search the old-fashioned way and do it themselves, so Golden Sands officially opened its doors in 1988.

As the general contracting side of the business thrived for 30 years, Golden Sands began heavily investing in our Facility Services and Disaster Recovery departments. Facility Services gained new clients and continued to rapidly expand nationally. In 2017, our Disaster Recovery department faced not one, but two major hurricanes. Our teams rose to the challenge and successfully assisted our clients during one of their toughest times.

In 2018, Golden Sands Facility Services became its' own separate entity, allowing us to better serve our clients. As a company, Golden Sands is a one source solution for our clients. We can service our client's properties though Golden Sands Facility Services, and mitigate and rebuild in the face of disaster through Golden Sands General Contractors. We are always there to deliver as planned, living up to our "make it happen" mindset.